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    Tsunami Fitness has be in operation since the year 2000, with many success stories. We are the infidels, who strayed away from the conventional bonds of training, all workouts are FULL BODY workouts, designed to get you in the best shape of your life, no matter what shape you are in RIGHT NOW. They are fun, intense and fully functional, many of the movements can be translated into everyday activities.
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Featured Trainer


Garry Voorhees

Garry is a Certified Personal Trainer with NSCA and is a Certified Personal Training Specialist with the Fitness Institute International, Certified CrossFit Instructor; CPR-AED Healthcare provider; 2 time winner of the Statewide “Ultimate Athlete Competition”; USKA Martial Arts Instructor for Karate, Ai-ki-do and Aki Ju-Jitsu. Garry has been hugely successful at Personal Training clients for over 30 years and specializes in fitness for women and seniors, weight management, fat loss, flexibility and functional training.

  •  Latest Dumbells
  • 12 Barbells
  • Twelve Customizable Mats
  • Built with the Powerful Ironman Technology
  • Comprehensive Equipment